Why Is My Faith Weak, and How Do I Improve It?

Your faith is an essential part of a solid Christian life.  It affects everything from your behaviors to your relationships with other people.  If you have noticed your faith is not as strong as it should be, you may wonder about the reasons and how you can make changes.

Christians often have weak faith because they live within secular societies which bombard them with many diversion which draw them away from Christ. These diversions include a lack of Christian education, poor standards, social isolation, poor life experiences, time constraints, and secular media.

When you find yourself asking “Why is my faith so weak?” there are answers and solutions.

Lack Of Christian Background

In the distant past, most parents knew the importance of religious training.  It was considered as important as providing children with food, shelter, and other material necessities.  In recent decades, though, this approach has become less common.  Parents are encouraged to allow their children to grow up without beliefs and values, and let them decide for themselves when they are older.

Perhaps you are a member of the younger generation and your parents took this approach.  Perhaps the Bible was not read in your childhood home, and you were not taken to church or Sunday school.  Even if you have learned to believe in God, there is still much that is lacking.

Regardless of your current age, it is not too late.  You can start attending church on a regular basis.  You can purchase a Bible, and even ask a Christian friend or neighbor to help you understand what you read.  Whether you are a young adult or a senior citizen, learning can be the first step to developing a stronger faith in our Lord.


In some cases, harrowing life experiences can weaken a person’s faith.  One example is experiencing a tragedy in your personal life.  Perhaps a close friend or a family member died in a horrible accident, or perhaps you or a loved one developed a terminal illness.

These experiences can cause some individuals to doubt God.  You may have started to wonder why God allowed the tragedy to occur, if He really cares about anyone, or if He even exists.

If you have had any of these experiences, look at it as an opportunity to strengthen your faith.  One of the simplest ways is to increase prayer.  You can obtain a sense of comfort from knowing the Lord is always with you, regardless of a particular situation.

Another example is if you did something wrong, yet there did not seem to be any consequences.  As a human, you have made mistakes, and you have sinned.  Whether you stole something from a store or gossiped about a neighbor, you probably realized it was wrong at the time.  However, if you did not get caught, “getting away with” a sin may cause you to doubt your faith.  You may wonder if Christian values really matter at all.

When you realize something you did was wrong, do not allow yourself to feel smug.  This can start a pattern of behaviors that take you farther and farther away from a Christian way of life.  Instead, talk to God and admit what you did.  Ask Him for forgiveness, and help in making better choices in the future.

Lack of Fellowship

There can be many reasons people do not have fellowship with other Christians.  Perhaps you do not have any Christian friends, neighbors, or coworkers.  You may be the only member of your family who believes in God.  Your faith may start to weaken when no one in your life shares your beliefs.

It is not impossible to find Christians with whom to share fellowship.  The church you attend offers more than weekly services.  Most Christian churches also have groups and classes for people in different categories.  Examples include groups and classes for men, for women, for teens, and for couples.

Although in-person fellowship is best, there may be reasons you do not have that option.  You may live in a remote area that does not have a local church, or you may have health problems that stand in the way of attending.  If you cannot get to a church to attend classes or groups, consider some online options.  When you start with a search engine, you will find many forums, blogs, and websites where Christians can get together on a regular basis.


There are influences everywhere that can undermine a Christian’s faith.  You may have encountered some of these influences in person.  From classmates to coworkers, neighbors and even family members, there are individuals in your life who can weaken your faith.  In some cases it is intentional, but in other cases it is only because they are different.  Some non-Christians may actively encourage you to sin, while others simply do not understand your beliefs and your way of life.

When it comes to people in your life, it is important to choose wisely.  This does not mean you must eliminate all non-Christians from your life.  What it does mean is limiting your associations with individuals who have chosen sinful lives.  It also means not allowing them to influence your beliefs or your behaviors.

The media is another common influence.  Most of us are bombarded by the media every single day.  It can be complicated when we regularly hear about celebrities and politicians that engage in all kinds of sinful behaviors, especially when they continue to be popular.  We also hear about white-collar criminals who lie, cheat, and steal with all kinds of scams.

The media also tries to influence people to take on lifestyles that contradict Biblical values.  Whether it is the modern approach that individuals are no longer either male or female, that using mind-altering substances is a fact of life that “everybody” does, or that people everywhere are having extramarital affairs, you may start to wonder if the Bible is relevant in today’s world.  While you know in your heart that what God said is as relevant today as it was in the past, these modern approaches may be undermining your faith.

If you find the media is influencing you too much, do not entertain thoughts that an immoral, sinful life is worth it.  Choose forms of media that give honest reports of the news, and do not present scandals in a positive manner.  You can find Christian news programs on television, and on the internet.  You can be a well-informed citizen, and your faith can be strengthened.

When you feel influenced by the media, do not neglect your Bible.  You can step away from wrongful influences, and focus on the truth.  What the Bible says is the right way, and it is always the best way.


Most people these days have very busy lives.  Whether your everyday life includes family responsibilities, a job, or volunteering, you may see little time in your life for anything else.  If you are not attending church regularly, have not read your Bible in a long time, or only pray when you have a specific need, your faith may be weakening.

If you have noticed these issues, reassessing your priorities is the utmost importance.  No matter how busy you are, or how many responsibilities you have, reestablishing these connections should be your #1 priority.  Even if you must eliminate something else in your everyday life, it is essential to make time to reconnect and strengthen your faith.

You can set aside specific times for prayer every day.  You can skip your favorite t.v. show, and devote the time to Bible reading.  You can give up some activity that really is not so important, and join a church group instead.  Regardless of how busy your life may be, you can take time and make time for Christian activities, and to spend time with the Lord.


Even people who have had solid Christian beliefs and values throughout their lifetimes can become confused.  As no one is perfect, no one has all of the answers.

If you are experiencing confusion, your pastor is a good source of information and advice.  You can also ask an older person in the church to be your mentor.  Whether you need a Biblically-based solution to a problem you currently have, or want to make the right decision on a confusing issue, there is someone who can help you find the answers.

Confusion does not have to lead you away from your faith, or lead you in the wrong direction.  When you learn what the Bible says about your particular problem or issue, you can develop confidence.  It can help strengthen your faith, too.


Anyone can experience weakened faith at some point in their lives.  This does not mean you must allow it to weaken further, or risk losing your faith altogether.  When you consider these common problems, you can understand which issue applies to you and your life.  This can inspire you to take steps to remedy the problem.

Even if weakened faith has led you to take steps in the wrong direction, do not give up!  If you think about it, there has been no time in your entire life that the Lord has given up on you.  He has been there for you during hard times, and when you have gone the wrong way.  Consider today the time to move closer to God, and ask Him to strengthen your faith.

Gene Botkin

Gene is the director of the Theosis Christian Project. He studied physics and military science before founding the Project. Gene is currently pursuing his doctorate in systems engineering at an engineering college in the Ozarks. The Theosis Christian Project is his attempt to expand Holy Orthodoxy in America.

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