Why Do Catholic and Orthodox Christians Take Communion?

The Holy Communion also referred to as the Lord’s supper, stands for God’s excellent love to His people. Two items are usually used in the Holy Communion; the bread represents the body of Christ, which was broken and scourged even before and during the entire journey of crucifixion. And the cup that stands for the blood He shed on behalf of the whole world. Before Jesus underwent suffering, He was healthy, and His body was full of life, making Him very vibrant. He never experienced sickness, but before he was crucified, He was scourged terribly with the Roman soldiers. His body was torn and hanged on the cross. You must be asking yourself why people take the Holy Communion and why it is made explicitly for the baptized. If you are not familiar with why you should take the Holy Communion, worry less because this article has you covered. Here is an overview of why you should take the Holy Communion.

In remembrance of Jesus Christ suffering

As a human being, you can easily forget the goodness and grace of God in your life. Thus, you must have the story as well as the History of your Lord Jesus Christ. Probably you even do not know the last time you have ever thought who Christ is in your life. You must understand that your identity is in Christ and what He has done for you in your entire life. Furthermore, the offer and claim of grace are remarkable, difficult to accept as well as unnatural.

Similarly, he knew that we could easily forget, hence and He offered you the Holy Communion to gather together with other Christians in remembrance of Him. Besides, His body was broken, and He shed blood for the sins of the whole world He died. Through His resurrection, the power to live is conveyed to you via the Holy Spirit. In remembrance of Jesus Christ, you can boldly proclaim that Jesus Christ has paid your debt entirely.

To realign your hope

The Holy Communion gives you an excellent chance to realign your hopes in the coming future that Christ offers you. Everyone wants hope since life is worth living with hope as your fuel. Therefore, through examining the sacrament of Communion, you will be able to realign your hope. A day is coming where you will no longer live by faith; since that day, everything will be new, and you will be able to stand face-to-face with your savior Jesus Christ. Therefore, hold on to your faith because Christ Himself will reward you when this day comes, and you will not experience the troubles and the cares of your life. Christians have always taken the Holy Communion to realign their hope.

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Multiple people lack confidence, especially in material things, in others, as well as in themselves. Moreover, others lack confidence in spiritual things. You might be worrying if the promises of Christ are the way He said them or if you are worth the promised Kingdom. Thus, the Holy Communion and other positive things usually help you have confidence in every spiritual challenge. Through receiving the Holy Communion, among many, you are likely to strengthen your Christianity life in this modern world, which ridicules and challenges what you believe. When you receive often, it is an assurance that God loves you, and you desire to be with Him. However, this happens with proper preparation. When you take a long time from the Eucharist encounter, you will probably not feel confident or indifferent.  Bear in mind that the Holy Communion is a confidence builder.

The Communion of the holy spirit

In Greek, the word communion means fellowship. Whenever you share Communion with the holy spirit, you receive grace, and you are strengthened and healed simultaneously. When you pray for the Holy Communion to come down, He usually comes down in the gifts you have. Therefore, it is good to pray that He not only comes down to you but also to others.  It is appropriate to understand that the Holy Communion unites you with the Holy Spirit. And this is why most Christians do not wish to miss out on receiving the Holy Communion.

It is evangelistic

According to the scripture, the cross of Christ is the only way of reconciliation, and this means you should always honor the cross of Christ. To remind Christians all the time, reaching about the word of God is necessary since the blood and flesh of creatures need the reminder to be a source of instruction. Besides, the gospel should be tangible on the Lord’s supper. Likewise, you are likely to lose the meaning of the Lord’s last supper. Whether you receive it once a month or once weekly, this service is designed to generate freshness, unlike when it comes to mere repetition.

You must know that each part of the scripture gives you a varying view of Christ’s glory as well as grace without a dull repetition. Various scriptures talk about the Lord’s supper, which results in the synthesis of the gospel proclamation, similar to the same sound word pattern, though with different angles and emphases through God’s inspiration. The best way to preach Christ in your weekly service is through celebrating and acknowledging the Lord’s supper weekly. Ensure that you celebrate the Holy Communion weekly will encourage you to have a conversation with your children about the gospel and why they should trust in God.

This is what you should be longing to do with the Lord’s supper. The Holy Communion is not only for meal takers but also for those who observe. Thus, you should be able to explain the gospel to your friends and children, who cannot be able to consume the Lord’s supper. Ideally, it would be best to share how they can become part of the Lord’s table. Additionally, sermons that are maximally filled with Jesus Christ give you a podium for such conversations. You must know that the Holy Communion is usually taken to enhance evangelism.

To reside in God’s presence

Apart from forgetting, you can also become very busy and fail to recognize God’s desires in your presence compared to your actions. Today’s world needs continuous screams and motion for your attention. Furthermore, you might not remember the last time you stopped to enjoy the presence of Christ, and this applies to whether you were doing something for Him or you were just with Him. In most cases, you are usually given a chance to recognize yourself and stay in the presence of God. This helps you to understand Him better and acknowledge what He does in your entire life. Receiving should be part of you as a Christian because it allows you to reside in God’s presence.


Forgiveness means having the maximum potential to forgive those who wrong you in whichever way. Only when you forgive is when the Lord in heaven also pardons you for your wrongdoings. Ensure that before you take the Holy Communion, you forgive those who wronged you and ask God to forgive you your sins. Moreover, 1st Corinthians states that whoever eats and drinks unworthily eats and drinks for himself damnation because he does not discern the Lord’s table.

It is Biblically proven

Acts 2: 42-27 explains how the church devoted itself to God’s things by breaking the bread and celebrating the Lord’s table daily. They fellowshipped around the entire teachings of the apostles via gathering together with other Christians. Their response is through the breaking of the bread as well as prayers. Acts give a good introduction and description to entire church activities. The Holy Communion is Biblical proven, and whenever you gather to worship, it is Biblical to engage in the Lord’s table.

In addition, in the current generation, the Lord’s table has been implemented by varying traditions in varying ways. More liturgical churches usually have an association with the weekly Communion. The Bible encourages us to engage in the Lord’s table. A few churches usually receive the holy Communion countered times per year or even once yearly. On the other hand, some churches take the holy Communion daily or regularly but on a monthly. With Covid-19 has made the Lord’s supper to be celebrated once a month.

Bear in mind that many elders desire to receive weekly, but that has not been implemented. You must know that some churches celebrate the Holy Communion daily. Due to the events related to Covid-19, the Lord’s table has become a regular part of worshipping. The desire of sharing the Lord’s table frequently has maximized the desires of Christians wanting to share it frequently. Ideally, it good to share the Holy Communion with a church family.

God permits us to gather together

It is because of this reason that you celebrate the Lord’s table. When celebrating the Holy Communion, you gather with the entire church. However, sometimes the weather might not allow us to gather together for this special occasion. On such Sundays, you are likely to make such accommodation for the service. But for incidences where the church does not gather, the Lord’s supper does not take place. Receiving the Holy Communion is possible, and through Covid-19, the Lord has taught us to celebrate it occasionally because the holy Communion is prudential and Biblical. You continue to receive because it enables you to gather together with other Christians in your Father’s house.

It is possible

During Covid-19, many churches underwent closure, and even many Christians today, next Sunday is not guaranteed that you will go to church. James 4: 14 tells you that life is like vapor. Likewise, James 4: 13 – 17 teaches you that no one organizes their future with absolute certainty. Furthermore, it goes ahead to say that you should ensure that it falls under the banner of your God’s will in everything you do and say.

During this Covi-19 era, people are yet to gather together freely since they must observe the social distance, even when 250 people can gather, in phase 3. The government, together with the ministry of health, Prohibits people from assembling in one building. However, as a Christian, you should think about this and address it with maximum attention, but bear in mind that assembling people, as mentioned earlier, is still restricted.

Receiving the Holy Communion is possible when you gather out to celebrate the Lord’s table. This allows you to break the bread, fellowship, and pray confidently. The church is only a church when people gather to worship, praise God, and receive the Holy Communion. Therefore, anytime you cannot gather, you are not likely to consume the Lord’s supper. 1 Corinthians makes it very clear that when the church gathers. The church should also ensure that those who are permanent or temporarily disabled. Even with the Covid-19, it is still possible to receive the Holy Communion.

For fulfillment of the Kingdom of God

There must be a promise and the beginning of something that makes you fulfill it. The promise came from Jesus Christ that whoever believes in Him will eventually inherit His Kingdom. You live between His promises and wait for the day He will come to judge the living as well as the dead. When He comes, the scripture says that He will grant the righteous eternal Kingdom. Ensure that you pray all the time, and Christ will fulfill His promise to you and those you worship with. For this journey to be successful, the Holy Communion is a must since it guarantees you spiritual sustenance to go through the journey of eternal life. Additionally, the Holy Communion helps you to fulfill the promise of Christ.

No condemnation or judgment

This assures us that it is pretty okay to receive. Furthermore, no one is usually too worthy to receive the blood and the body of Christ, but you receive through God’s mercy. It is possible to prepare yourself to receive, but you cannot proclaim yourself being worthy. Thus, you should always pray and ask God to make you worthy to receive. And in this case, to instill in us confidence that does not lead to condemnation. When engaged in an immoral lifestyle, you should not receive when angry and without preparation, because this can lead to condemnation. Everyone sins, and that is why each one needs God’s mercies to receive the Holy Communion. When you repent of your sins and receive the Holy Communion, you are not likely to encounter judgment as well as condemnation.

It is prudential

Ideally, it is not sinful to receive less frequently, unlike every week. However, this argument is not valid because it is not worth it. On the other hand, you can develop a case that is not wise and good for you to wait for the whole month or ever in between your meals. Church family should gather and have the Holy Communion even once in a month or even more times according to your services. If your church is full of faith and accepts to share the identity and take the Lord’s supper, then whenever you meet, you must be celebrating the Lord’s supper, which is similar to the early church.

There are three impacts of not receiving every week. The first effect is that it divides the preaching of the word of God from the gospel with a central message, but this can be visually proclaimed through wine and bread. The second effect is not taking the Holy Communion weekly through either your habits or even happenstance. These habits can even make you go for months without receiving, and this means you would have disobeyed by not taking the cup and the bread to celebrate the last table in remembrance of Him. However, it is easy to resolve this problem by receiving weekly.

The last impact is to ensure that you examine yourself for the Lord’s supper, as stated in 1st Corinthians 11:28. If you examine yourself weekly, you are likely to do good and be more loving. It would help if you took sufficient time to prepare yourself for the Holy Communion. If you argue, you will underrate the purpose of the cross. Moreover, you can only receive the Holy Communion when you have corrected yourself and every wrongdoing. This is achievable if you make a routine to confess weekly, and it is an excellent way to solidify your faith in Jesus Christ. Besides, it enhances your relationship at your workstation, church, home, and other areas you are likely to visit.

With all these, you now know how sinning can interfere with your life and the relationship you have with Jesus Christ. Confess because you need the gospel each time, not even weekly. When you take the holy communion weekly, it means you are tasting, touching, seeing as well as hearing the gospel of grace offered to you by Jesus Christ. Receiving is prudential because it enlightens you on the gospel and calls you to respond by faith.


There are multiple reasons as to why you receive the Holy Communion. This post has given you the best reasons. Therefore, ensure that your relationship with God grows each day as you receive the Holy Communion and help others understand the importance of the Holy Communion. The Holy Communion keeps you encouraged and feels you with sufficient hope for a better tomorrow.

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