Why Did God Create Dogs?

If you have a fluffy friend, it’s likely that your friend is in your life for a reason. God sends you what you need when you need it. Sometimes you may have wanted something but ended up realizing you needed it. God’s way of telling you these things is subtle until it isn’t anymore. Truth be told, dogs could be in your life for a number of reasons. All of which are subjective to the individual caring for the dog. But nonetheless, you may have also realized that your life has been better since your fluffy friend has come into it. Why may have God created dogs?

Animals, including dogs, can mirror feelings, injury, and illness.

Animals in general are highly intuitive creatures. They’ve never been told that they’re making things up when they come up with new information out of nowhere. Because of this, they are also sensitive to our emotions, injuries, and illnesses. They might know about an illness before you discovered it was there. God may have brought your dog into your life to warn you of oncoming injuries or illness.

If you’re constantly depressed or in a bad mood, you might notice your dog picking up the same characteristics as you are. They retract your negative energy like a sponge. This could be a sign telling you that you should get help, be mindful, or start again. Your dog might be telling you something you need to hear- something that will make you want to do and be better. Oftentimes when they are portraying your own feelings, you will feel like you need to do better so they no longer feel that way. That’s the message they’re giving to you.

Dogs can teach you things you never thought you needed to learn

The art of intuitive communication is a tough one to master in a society where it isn’t accepted as “normal.” To dogs, this intuitive ability is an extra sense they have. Dating back long ago, many Native American people talked to animals as if they were human and had feelings- and they do. Your fluffy dog friend knows everything you say, whether directed to them or not. God created dogs and other animals to teach us how to communicate with different species.

As strange as it may sound, it’s true. There are plenty of stories to back up the solidity of intuitive communication with nature and animals. When you fill up your dog’s water bowl, you may think you came up with the idea of filling it up on your own, but it may in fact be a form of intuitive communication sent to you. A lot of the things a dog may teach you through intuitive communication, God may have wanted you to know.

Dogs may reincarnate.

If you believe in reincarnation, you might also believe that animals go through this process as well. Your dog could have been a stranger you passed on the street in their last life or even a bird. They have seen many things, and they remember it. They’re very wise creatures with a lot of stories to share. They might even know you better than you know yourself on an intuitive level.

God has put this dog in your life to share their knowledge with you. It’s important that you open up your mind to hearing it. Your dog doesn’t have to only be your friend but can also be your supporter, teacher, and someone that shows you love unconditionally. You have a lot to learn, and your dog can teach you these things through that sixth sense. The one that God blessed you with and the one society tries to take away. Your dog’s many lives and the stories that come along with them might teach you to be more empathetic or understanding.

We’re never lonely when they’re by our side.

Dog friends have scientifically proven to be beneficial to a person’s emotional and mental state. Getting a dog could improve mood, reduce stress, increase physical activity, boost productivity, and improve quality of life. Not only this, but we also aren’t lonely when they’re around. You might find yourself laughing and sharing stories. Your dog is someone you could trust and although it takes some time to get used to, your dog could become a lifelong friend.

If someone is severely depressed, a dog might be sent into their life by God because they’re suffering and as stated before, dogs reduce stress and improve quality of life. It’s likely that the dog may also get the person out of bed and over time it’d be something that individual was looking forward to because they have a friend to help them. It’s a message that isn’t always so clear, but once you sit down and start to think about the coincidences in your life, you might start to hear.

To teach us the language of loss

Loss is a hard thing to understand. Why did we have to lose them? Why couldn’t they have just lived forever? Everything comes to an end eventually, including life. That goes for all living things. A dog’s lifespan is shorter than a human’s, yet for the dog, it feels just as long. They’ll remember spending every day with you- and they want you to remember it too.

When God created dogs, I believe he truly wanted them to be guides and teachers for what we seek to be true in this world. But also for the things that are very hard to confront. Grief and loss are one. It’s very hard to understand why we could lose something so close to us, no matter what it is. There will always feel like there is a piece missing. Since animals reincarnate, it is likely they will and can come back into your life if they so choose- but we don’t know that if we never truly dig down into belief.

A dog’s passing can teach us a lot about the grieving process and what it means to let go of someone we love dearly. From the moment they begin to breathe, to the last breath we have loved them unconditionally. It can teach us to remember the good instead of holding onto the bad. It can help us realize what we had and why we needed it. Dogs are spiritual guides and teachers for the rest of our lives, and even though they are gone, that doesn’t stop intuitive communication or rip away the lessons they left for us.

To teach us the language of love

The language of love is a tough one to master sometimes, especially if you haven’t been dealt the best cards in the past. Though, sometimes, all you need is a fluffy friend to mend the past and create something new. Dogs are one of the most loving and compassionate animals living on Earth and they can teach you a lot about how to bring those qualities into your own everyday life.

Once you get a dog, or if you have one, you might notice that you’re treating this dog as if they are family. This dog is loyal, caring, and loving. Everything a human could be. Just as you love this dog, you could love other people. Full of passion, loyalty, and care for that person. Not only are they family, but reminders of what we ourselves could bring into the world.

Perhaps after a large loss, you are wondering how you’re supposed to love again. The next day you get a call from a family member stating that your friend or family member’s dog needed a good home. You agree to take them in. Once you do, it’s a rough start but you begin to love and cherish this animal. They’re suffering the loss too, and you both learn to love again through each other. God knew that’s what you needed, and he sent it to you. It will always work out, even if it’s not how you expect it to.


God has many reasons as to why he might send a dog into your life or have created dogs in the first place. Dogs are reminders of what we can be, make us feel less lonely, teach us lessons about life and ourselves. If we tap into our intuition and listen, we will learn new things about our pets and the world around us.

This will create a better world for us and we will be more understanding of why things happen the way they do. God always has perfect timing, whether it be that he sent a dog to warn you of an illness, or just because you needed a friend so dearly he thought it best to send you one. We can only speculate why things happen the way they do, and what God’s plan was when it did happen. Sometimes this plan is more evident than others, but dogs are just one way that God answers prayers and makes sure his children are okay.

Gene Botkin

Gene is the director of the Theosis Christian Project. He studied physics and military science before founding the Project. Gene is currently pursuing his doctorate in systems engineering at an engineering college in the Ozarks. The Theosis Christian Project is his attempt to expand Holy Orthodoxy in America.

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