Why Am I a Christian? – A List of Common Reasons

It is not easy to believe in science and, at the same time, believe in God. This question has been asked severally, and that is a clear indication of conflict between the two. Furthermore, most people find it difficult to say they are Christians because they care so much about other people’s opinions. You might have grown up from a Christian background and vise versa, but society has introduced you to Christianity. There must be a strong reason as to why you are a Christian. Therefore, here is an overview as to why you are a Christian:

God is a life changer

To many individuals who have been a tough life before meeting Christ, they will term Him a life changer. And they might not wish to experience the emptiness they felt before. Furthermore, helping people understand how vital God is not an easy obligation, but for those who accept and decide to love Christianity, they have seen how God is a life changer. If you are among the people who God has changed, you must be feeling the thirst of helping others have a reason to become saved and strong Christians. Jesus Christ is a true transformation of life forever. Thus, it would help if you chose to be a Christian forever.

Christ gives each one a reason to wake up each morning

Waking up in the morning and sleeping in the evening is by the grace and favor of God. However, most individuals forget that it is not by their power to see the sun rising and setting. Besides, many people are occupied with jobs to earn income, and others are in love with their hobby and their talent forgetting Jesus. All these are vanity without Jesus in your life until you wake up one day and say no to what the world offers you and accept Jesus Christ as your savior. This will give you a true meaning of waking up each morning; only then will you be able to know that Christ is the chair leader of each and everything in this world. Your life should not be a bed of roses every single day; it is okay to find a reason to live each day of your life in Christ than to live a worldly life. Know Jesus Christ and making Him known to the whole world.

It is not easy to run from the truth

There are so many religions globally, but most of them have no Jesus. A man who suffered underwent mocking, died for our sins, and later rose from the dead. This must be giving you a sufficient reason as to why you are a Christian. Likewise, many works-oriented, cults and religious Christians have totally misinterpreted the truth and twisted it to their understanding. And it is not easy to run from the fact and concentrate on a lie. You cannot afford to run from Jesus and all his through teaching and Biblical teaching. However, this should draw you close to God and make you long for Him more.

Moreover, the Christian life is about God and all the glory that belongs to Him. Ensure that you set your agenda aside and follow His agenda in your life. Bear in mind that you live in this world to follow Christ and have everlasting life even after death.


You must be knowing that both evil and good give you enough reason to believe that a brilliant being existed, and that is God.  On the other hand, you have to accept an objective lawmaker globally and the entire laws, have a lawmaker and bring an objective lawmaker, who is God. Therefore, you need to venture into the objective moral laws deeply.  As long as you are in this world, you will come across the wrong and the right. This makes God’s work fit perfectly in the world. The laws of God are the best because he is an intelligent being. Morality explains why you are a Christian, and you will continue being a Christian forever.

Christ chose me

It is appropriate to explain why you are a Christian, unlike why we are Christians since you would be defining some religious group.  You might be a Christian because you have experienced Christ as your savior, and you are born again. Additionally, you have a relationship with Him, and you have witnessed His salvation. You might not be perfect in your actions and personality, but you might be trying as hard as you can to live as per God’s demands and requirements. This will enable you to work according to God’s desires as well as win His heart.

Similarly, it is God’s choice that you become a Christian because He knew you even before molding you into your mother’s womb. Bear in mind that this is explained more in Thessalonians 2: 13 and Job 15: 16-19. Even if you do not know Christ and have never been interested in foreign religions, God can always choose you anytime and anywhere. Moreover, there is no process to becoming a Christian, and it has never happened by mistake or accident. It usually falls under God’s will as well as plan.

Christ love is sufficient

Christ is so very personal and loving. Furthermore, He has the maximum potential to feel what each one feels. It is incredible to believe in a true God than other gods in the world. God’s love is sufficient; through His maximum love and faith, you can gain a 100% relationship with Him. Likewise, the Bible indicates that God is love. When you believe in Him, you will not experience darkness. He creates a strong relationship with us; hence, you can easily experience his guidance, providence, protection, kindness, and love. When you believe in God and believe that his love is sufficient, He reigns in you forever.  Besides, if you believe that you are created in the image of Christ, you are likely to experience your creator’s presence in His spirit. With this, you can confidently know Him through experience, reason, your conscience, and above all, through your revelation.

God is a redeemer

You are a Christian because you acknowledge yourself as a sinful individual, and when you rely on yourself, you would never become the excellent person that God needs you to be. Therefore, through redemption, you will become that person that God requires you to be and become hopeful in your entire life. On the other hand, through redemption, you can comfortably overcome the gloomy feelings as well as your life. It is impossible to believe in a God who fails to overcome your actions and sinful spirit.

God created you and guaranteed you breath and life; hence He is the one that saves your life. If He sustains you daily, it means he can easily save your life. In addition, the God of a Christian is a true creator as well as a redeemer. In John 3:16, the Bible indicates how God so much loved the world that whoever believes in Him will never die but have eternal life. You are a Christian because of a trustworthy God, who is the savior who can save you and has maximum power to love the whole world.

Because God instantly forgives the sinners

As long as you are a Christian, confessing your sins is a must, and you should always and forever confess, and your merciful God will always grant you forgiveness. When you sin before God and your brothers and sisters, you must put things right through confession. The faster you accept your sins and repent, the better. When you confess, you will have and experience the feeling of relief as well as joy. A Christian does not continuously bear the burden of guilt for any of the past sins, whether it is a small or great joy. There is a magnificent joy that someone feels after ensuring that you have put your affairs straight before man as well as God. You are usually pardoned from eternal perdition through repentance and forgiveness, and you undergo reconciliation with Christ.

Jesus Christ is unique

Jesus Christ is unique, more so in His extraordinary miracles and claims, teaching, and life, which happened in the eyes of the witnesses. This explains more why you are a Christian and makes Him an incarnate God. Moreover, He is the sustainer as well as the creator of the world, with human flesh.

There is life after death

There is life after death in Christianity, and you can choose to be a Christian because you do not want to go to hell after death. You decide to be a Christian because you need to go to Heaven and experience eternal life. From the gospel, Jesus knows that there is hell as well as Heaven. Even though some philosophy professor sometimes assures students that there is nothing like hell, every person can make it to Heaven. However, God only gives us what we desire and enables us to live how we choose. Therefore, if you choose a life separate from Christ, He will offer you such a life for eternity, but if you choose to follow Him, He will surely lead you in everything until eternity. What you choose determines whether you will go to Heaven or earth.

You find the peace that offers you sufficient joy and peace without limitation

Christians usually walk with Christ, giving Christian overwhelming peace and joy in their heart. This kind of joy and peace can never be taken away from you. Most scriptures in the Bible, such as Psalms and Romans, uplift you spiritually whenever things are not going as you expected, living you uplifted. Such scriptures, among many other scriptures, continuously remind you that God is in control of everything.

Christianity guarantees you a meaningful relationship

Being a Christian can sometimes feel lonely, but you are never alone in real sense because there is a bright fire blaze. This is where the disciples of Jesus gather to seek strength in their entire mutual training. Therefore, as a Christian, you should always seek this fire and seek fellowship with Jesus’ disciples. When you do this, you are going to find sufficient strength as well as comfort. This will offer you the urge to continuously and forever live for God. Nothing is exciting, like having a meaningful relationship with God.

Christ never changes

You are a Christian because you believe in God that never changes and has more than enough power to achieve whatever He needs. Bear in mind that God’s character will never change. Furthermore, God understands us human beings, and He knows that we are likely to fall, but only His strength can keep you going. You are a Christian because you have an unchangeable God, who you can always rely on at any given time. Additionally, He will never discard you because of your temporary impulse or even sinful weaknesses. Isaiah 45:15 provides assurance that God will never forget you.  On the other hand, you can be disappointed in yourself many times, but God will never be disappointed with you. This is because His unchangeable nature allows sinners to seek repentance and acknowledge Him as a God who never changes, unlike human beings who change anytime and at any place.

Trust in God who can take you with Him

God is understandable, and He has the full potential to understand everyone. He does not exist in nothingness, and He is not lofty. Besides, God entered into a life that humans live to ensure that He helps people find a solution to their issues. Also, He brings Christians to wisdom, truth, the direction of practical truthiness. No matter your situation, you have a God who can come close to you. God has the maximum potential to receive love and express love to His people.

Similarly, the Bible indicates that Emmanuel is God’s name, which means God is with us, which shows that He lives among us. He has experienced and obverses human suffering. You must know that each temptation we go through is similar to His, yet Christ was not a sinner. God assures you of everlasting life even after death. Thus, it is better to stick by His side, knowing that He will be with you at the hour of death and take you with Him to grant you everlasting life.

God is the truth

To become a Christian, you must have been chosen by God, and you positively responded. You cannot deny that He is the redeemer and the one who created the human race. This has been proved by spiritual forefathers and learned scientists. Your conscience cannot allow you to refuse; your savior who molded you in your mother’s womb and even died for you. It is impossible to deny the truth that you are familiar with.

It is appropriate to trust in Christ because He is the truth. Furthermore, the founders of many religions, such as Buddhism, have never been insinuated to be the truth. You might also have experienced God as the truth because of his unending love and truth. Likewise, such experience guarantees you sufficient faith that moves mountains.


The resurrection of Jesus Christ is enough reason why you are a Christian, or you should be one. Additionally, it is sufficient proof that shows Jesus Christ was on this earth before He died and was resurrected. This is also recounted in the four gospels, such as Mark, which showcases the simple nature, early dating, and embarrassing details. All this gives you a clue and clear understanding of the history of Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Jesus is what makes many people Christians. Moreover, people gather as Christians and relate with each other in fellowships. Jesus’ resurrection is sufficient to make you a strong and true Christian.

God gives hope and strength

This question is frequently asked, and if you are a true Christian, you will always want to remain a Christian because God gives you enough hope and strength. A Christian chooses a God who uplifts her or him whenever it feels like He cannot take it anymore. Once you become a Christian, you will find out that God gives you sufficient strength and hope all the time. God is not like any other gods of the world who increase your burdens, maximize your fears, and intimidate you almost daily. Additionally, God has an independent will, and He is forgiving, loving, emotional, and unchanging nature; God’s personality sums everything up. Christ allows you to get close to fear, love, and get close to Him. Through this, he guarantees you a sense of responsibility, direction, hope, and enough strength.


The Christian life is not about you, but it is about God, His glory, and His excellent doings in the universe. In addition, God’s obligation is not to follow you to fulfill your desires, but he needs you to know Him, accept Him and let His will be done in your life. The above-detailed information will help you understand why you are a Christian.

Gene Botkin

Gene is the director of the Theosis Christian Project. He studied physics and military science before founding the Project. Gene is currently pursuing his doctorate in systems engineering at an engineering college in the Ozarks. The Theosis Christian Project is his attempt to expand Holy Orthodoxy in America.

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