Who came first: Noah or Abraham?

Noah and Abraham are two great patriarchal figures from the Bible and ancient Jewish history. These two men were among the first heroic figures of the Old Testament or the Jewish Torah. They are both ancient figures that lived thousands of years before the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Their lives were connected to Jesus through a long lineage of ancestorial succession, faith, and legal rights.

Noah lived on the Earth before the time of Abraham. We will now explain why Noah lived first and what his life means for the Christian faith. We will also do the same thing for Abraham who is considered the father of many nations. Each of these men contributed much to the life and times of the faith of Christianity.

The Life and Times of Noah

Noah was born sometime around 2500 B.C. (this is a rounded-up figure) and he died around 1800 B.C. Again, both figures were rounded up. There is no actual way of knowing exactly when Abraham was born so these are just estimates. However, some historical facts about the Earth during his time, various nations, and important information in the Bible reveal lots of clues about the time Noah lived on the Earth.

By the way, the 2500 B.C. birthdate is probably too late because Noah lived before the time of the flood. There are plenty of outside sources (besides the Bible) that speak of the world being destroyed by a flood. This occurrence supposedly took place between 10,000 B.C. and 7,000 B.C. That is a huge difference from 2500 B.C.

As a side note, Abraham had to have been born sometime around 2500 B.C. That would seem more reasonable. However, you must keep in mind that ancient people lived unnaturally long lives. Noah lived close to a 1,000 years. Abraham lived to about 175. Noah’s lifespan was very unusual. Even though Abraham didn’t live as long as Noah, he stilled lived a very long and unnatural life span for a human.

Anyway, Noah was born before the time of the flood or the deluge as it called within history or certain circles. According to the book of Genesis starting from chapter 6 and going into chapter 9. Noah lived during the time when God resented making man. Every thought of man was evil and mankind’s actions were evil.

Don’t forget that mankind is an old-fashioned term for humanity. Very few people use the word, mankind anymore because people no longer view humanity as being dominated by the older male patriarch. That’s another story for another time.

So, when Noah was on the Earth, there was great wickedness. People were doing all sorts of vile and sinful things. There were also literal giants on the Earth in those days. The giants were known as the Nephilim and they were born between angles and women.

The book of Jude speaks of a group of angels that left their post with God to pursue human females. Their job was to carry out work in the name of the Lord. However, they decided to mate with human women because they were so beautiful. As a result of their union, a new race of beings was born. They were the Nephilim.

The Nephilim were not a good race of giants. They often raged war against man and consumed their flesh when they had a chance. Nephilim was also known to be cannibals. These mighty giants waged war across the Earth and they also indulged in magic, perverted sexual practices, and they worshipped demonic beings.

Other credible biblical books (outside of the Bible) stated that the fallen angels that mated with human women are known as the Watchers. Apparently, the Watchers taught men how to make weapons, taught women how to prostitute themselves among men, they also taught men corrupted practices in terms of business, sex, and even how to mark their flesh (tattoos) in honor demonic gods and evil spirits.

Noah and his lineage did not give in to the sinful activity that consumed the world. Noah remained steadfast in his faith. When Noah was a young man (around 200 – 300 years old) God told him that a flood was coming. He also told him to build an ark. Noah took what God said by faith and did as he was told.

Most people don’t realize this, but Noah preached to the wicked people of the Earth while he built the ark. Remember, it took him hundreds of years to build up that ark. The ark by today’s standards would be the size of a first-class ship like the Titanic or the largest naval ship which is the Nimitz-Class Carrier.

2 Peter 2:5 said that Noah preached while he built the ark. This is important to understand. God used Noah for a very long time to try and get people to repent. However, the people thought that Noah was stupid and couldn’t understand the world being destroyed by rain. Remember, water came up from the ground in those days and not the sky.

Eventually, the ark was built. God instructed Noah to gather 2 of every animal. Noah obeyed him. He gathered up the animals, got his family, and they all got into the ark. Finally, God’s judgment came upon the world and it was flooded. All of the ancient people that lived before the world died. The only people to survive this situation was Noah, his wife, his three sons, and their wives. It was a total of 8 people.

Once the waters subsided off the Earth after 40 days and 40 nights, Noah and his family were able to find land and exited the ark. When they left the ark, Noah had gotten drunk. He was naked in a drunken stupor and Ham (one of Noah’s sons) looked upon his nakedness. However, his other two sons Shem and Japheth walked backward with a blanket to cover up their father’s nakedness.

Ham was cursed and Shem and Japheth were blessed for their actions. Apparently, the curse of Ham began the new lineage of evil. This is because Ham’s descendants were Nimrod (the Mighty Hunter upon the Earth) and other ungodly figures in the Bible.

Noah’s reflected the patience of God and his mercy to humanity by giving them a long time to repent. This is a part of his character that says that he is slow to anger and is full of mercy. He is also merciful because he sent Noah to preach to people so they would turn back. Unfortunately, people didn’t listen to his warning. Another thing that you should remember is that there will always be at least one truly righteous person in an ungodly place or situation that represents God’s agenda on the Earth.

The story of Noah also tells us the faithfulness of God. He put the rainbow in the sky as a permanent sign that he will no longer destroy the Earth by the flood. The next time around he is going to wipe mankind out with fires of judgment. Hopefully, we can learn the lesson from Noah’s life and preaching and repent before this happens.

Abraham’s Life and Legacy

Abraham is called the father of many nations. He is given this title because his life would be the first in a long line of righteous people. Ultimately, his lineage would produce Jesus the Christ. Abraham was born in the land of Ur around 3000 B.C. – 2500 B.C. However, some sources will give a different account of his birth.

Abraham’s life was changed when God told him to leave his family and travel to the promised land. Before this time, Abraham made idols to pagan gods for a living. After God chose him to represent him on the Earth, Abraham did what the Lord told him to do. He traveled toward the promised land that God was going to give to him and his ancestors.

Along the way, Abraham had many adventures. He got into a family squabble with his nephew lot, and he even tricked an Egyptian king into thinking his wife (Sarah) was his sister. This would have ended badly for the king who realized that Abraham was setting him up to be judged by God for touching Sarah.

Eventually, Abraham and Sarah both grew old. They were without children. He was very wealthy. However, he didn’t have an heir. Abraham knew that he needed a male son. God promised him and Sarah they will bear a son in their old age. Sarah basically laughed at the idea. God dealt with her for it. While the old couple waited for God’s promise to be fulfilled, Sarah told Abraham to have sex with her handmaid Hagar.

Abraham and Hagar made a son name Esau. He would later become the first Arabic person. Still, he was not the son that God had promised Abraham. That son would have to come from Isaac. Esau and Hagar were sent away and a short time later Isaac was born. They both rejoiced and praised God for fulfilling his promise to them.

God then tested Abraham to see if he was truly faithful to him. He told Abraham to kill his son or sacrifice him to God. Abraham followed God’s instructions. Then as he was about to slay him, the Angel of the Lord appeared and told him not to. A ram was given to Abraham to perform the sacrifice. Abraham did and God knew that Abraham didn’t love anything more than him.

God eventually revealed to Abraham that his son, Isaac, would be the first of many people that would make a great nation. His lineage would spread out upon the Earth. From that time on God was also referred to as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This particular godly lineage would produce King David, King Solomon, and the KING of all KINGS – Jesus Christ. Abraham’s life is a testimony of faith, hope, trust, inspiration, loyalty, and sacrifice. He is now known as Father Abraham because of outstanding faith in God and his identity as the father of all believers in God (Jesus) today.

Gene Botkin

Gene is the director of the Theosis Christian Project. He studied physics and military science before founding the Project. Gene is currently pursuing his doctorate in systems engineering at an engineering college in the Ozarks. The Theosis Christian Project is his attempt to expand Holy Orthodoxy in America.

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