What Denomination Is Most Biblical? – The One That Made The Bible

What denomination is most biblical?

It’s often hard to figure out what the correct type of Christianity is.

This is not surprising.

There are thousands of Protestant denominations, and some uncertainty about whether or not Catholics are Christians exists.

Then you have other groups, such as Mormons, who are classified in all kinds of different ways.

Are they Christians? Heretics? A different religion? Something else?

And so on.

So we resort to the Bible to discover the correct Christianity.

And we are left wondering the following question:

What denomination is most biblical?

The Eastern Orthodox Church is the most biblical Christian church. This is true because the Orthodox wrote the Bible and have changed little since that time. The Orthodox retain what Christ taught and what the Church Fathers kept. The Bible means what they say it means because they wrote it.

So that’s the short answer to the question.

Let’s go ahead and explore why it’s right.

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Why Most People Don’t Know Where The Bible Came From

Most Christians people do not seem to understand how the Bible came to be. They act as though the Bible is a book that simply fell from the sky one day.

This is because many people have allowed Protestants to shape their understanding of Christianity.

And Protestants do not like to talk about the Bible’s origin.

Because the Bible was compiled by Christians whom the Protestants reject. In one breath they say that the Bible is reliable, and in the next they say that the people who compiled it weren’t.

How can they trust the book that was written by untrustworthy people?

This is an awkward question, and it makes Protestants look bad, so they prefer to avoid it. This leads to widespread ignorance of the Bible’s origin.

Then the cultural influence of the Protestants allows them to spread this particular ignorance.

So many people are unaware of the Bible’s origin.

Where The Bible Came From

The Bible was compiled early in the fifth century. It was compiled by representatives of the larger churches around the Mediterranean, and they did so at Carthage. At this time, the Christian Church was unified, and it established a normal canon.

The people who compiled the Bible did so by reviewing a large array of works which had been written by people who knew Christ.

Then they ranked the works in terms of their authenticity.

And they considered which ones were most appropriate for knowing Christ.

Then they combined them into one book, and that book was The Bible.

So the Bible was compiled at a specific point in time, in a known place, by people with recorded names. It did not “appear” one day.

Who Compiled The Bible

The early Christians were unified when they compiled the Bible. They differed on the correct placement of a few books, but these disagreements were easily reconciled.

So one church wrote The Bible, and this church was the one which had existed since the time of Christ.

This church, the one which compiled The Bible, was the correct church.

If it was not, then The Bible is invalid because the people who compiled it, being pretenders of the true church, did not have the authority to do so.

If The Bible was compiled by fake Christians, then it doesn’t count.

So Christians must believe that the people who compiled the Bible represented the true church.

And the true church must be the most biblical one. If this is not the case, then the most biblical church would be something other than the true church.

This is preposterous, and if it is true, then the Bible is invalid.

Moreover, the people who compiled The Bible said that they were the true church because they had Apostolic Succession.

What Is Apostolic Succession?

Jesus was real. People knew him. Jesus chose some people to exalt over the rest. These people were the apostles.

Jesus was crucified, he died, he rose again, and then he ascended into Heaven. His apostles assumed control of the church.

The apostles were not immortal. They died, and they knew they would die. So they chose their successors.

When the apostles died, the successors whom they had chosen to lead the church became the leaders of the church. Then the successors picked their own successors.

Apostolic succession is the name for this practice in which the apostles and their successors chose the future leaders of the church.

And the people who compiled the Bible asserted their legitimacy because they were the successors to the apostles.

The people who compiled the Bible represented the true church, and they claimed they represented the true church because of apostolic succession.

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Who Can Claim Apostolic Succession?

Time passed, and dissensions arose within the true church. These dissensions resulted in three factions of Christians. These factions each claimed to be the one true church because of their apostolic succession.

The factions were: the Roman Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox, and the Coptic Orthodox.

The Catholics asserted that their authority overruled those of the other churches because their succession was through Peter, the leader of the apostles.

The Orthodox agreed that Peter’s successor had a special position within Christendom but that it did not extend as far as the Catholics claimed.

The Coptic Orthodox left because of a disagreement on the metaphysics of Christ’s being.

Each faction claimed to be the one true church. They couldn’t all be right.

So, which one was it?

Which Faction Is the True Church?

Not the Coptics

The Coptic Orthodox Church is not the true church. They claim that Christ was not fully divine, nor was he fully human.

They partially reject Christ’s divinity. Therefore, they are partially not Christians.

Not the Roman Catholics

Roman Catholicism has been enormously shaped by Thomas Aquinas and his Summa Theologiae.

What does that mean?

It means that they love scholastic theology.

What is scholastic theology?

They like to delve way too far into the metaphysics of sin, angels, demons, virtues, the afterlife, and many other abstract aspects of theology.

It is for this reason that they produce many classifications of abstract ideas, and then they change their theology to accommodate them.

So Catholicism changes enormously over time. It adds things, it takes things away, and it modifies things which have been in place for centuries as its scholasticism expands.

Catholics justify their love of scholasticism with arguments emphasizing the importance of using one’s intellect to analyze God.

They often believe that God desires this. Maybe they’re right.

But I don’t think so.

The result of the Catholics’ centuries of scholasticism has been to modify the religion to such a great extent that it no longer looks like the worship that Jesus taught and the Church Fathers kept.

It’s not the same church as the one that compiled The Bible. Not anymore.

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The Orthodox

Consider the following:

  1. Jesus was real.
  2. He was God.
  3. He taught his followers how to worship.
  4. The fact that Jesus was God means that he taught his followers correctly. God can’t make mistakes.
  5. Therefore, the practice which Jesus taught and his followers kept should not be changed. Jesus taught correctly, and correct teachings should not be changed. If they change, then they’re not correct anymore.
  6. And nobody can improve upon Christ’s practices because nobody knows proper worship better than Jesus, who is God.

This argument serves as the foundation for most Orthodox thinking. They dislike changing anything about the religion they have inherited, so they show the greatest amount of similarity to those early Christians who wrote the Bible.

Only three churches can claim apostolic succession, and of those three, the Orthodox are the ones who have changed the least in the years after 33 AD.


The church that compiled The Bible is the most biblical church. Duh.

That church claimed its authority because of its apostolic succession. Therefore, the most biblical church must have the same.

Only three churches trace their lineage to the apostles.

Of those three, the Orthodox have changed the least since the time of Christ.

They are the only ones who have retained the fullness of Christ’s teachings. The Catholics altered the religion too much, and the Coptics partially rejected Christ’s divinity.

Therefore, the Eastern Orthodox Church is the most biblical church.

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