How to Fast for Lent – Staying Tough Through the Hunger

During the time of Lent, there are people that engage in religious fasting. Catholics and Orthodox Christians follow the practice of fasting during Lent. Fasting for this religion is refraining from eating for a spiritual purpose. According to Biblical text, hunger is one of the leading causes of homesickness for God. When Christians fast during Lent they are satisfying God.

Lent has been something observed for 2,000 years. Jesus’ death is praised and membered at this time. Fasting is one of the traditions during Lent that will help people learn how to say no to desires and they will practice saying yes to the teachings of Jesus.

There are 40 days of Lent and fasting is practiced during this time. During the period of Lent full meals are only allowed on certain days. The consumption of meat, dairy, and wine is restricted. The week before the beginning of Lent a person cannot eat all meat products. Good Friday is a day of fasting where no food is to be consumed.

Fasting during Lent can be a tough time for many. People in modern societies have gotten used to eating at least three meals a day. Many snacks between meals. This fasting is tough but they are doing it for the right reasons. Fasting during the time of Lent will help a person get in touch with the spiritual world and will allow them to be close to going. Sticking it out during this time will allow a person to please God. While they may feel hunger pains during the day there is more to fasting. They will need to tough things out and they need to trust that God will not allow anything to happen to their body. Fasting is not going to be easy but doing the right thing in life is not always easy. There are some ways that a person can prepare their mind and body for the adjustment to fasting during Lent.

Remove Excuses

A person may come up with many reasons why they do not want to fast or while fasting no longer has to be followed. A person needs to get over these excuses. They are only making things easier for their benefit. To show that they are devoted to God they need to strengthen their will and continue with the fast. While it is going to be tough a person needs to remove all excuses. When a person is feeling hungry they need to remember why they are fasting. At this time they can even pray to keep up the fast and remind them they are doing it for the Lord. A person needs to stop making excuses for all the reasons they cannot fast and remind themselves they can do it to get close to God.

To help with some of the hunger pains there are some things that can be done to increase the feeling of fullness. Chia seeds can be added to the morning drinks that are allowed. The seeds will help soak up the water. This will reduce the feeling of hunger and hunger pains during the day.

When entering a time for fasting a person does need to remember to take care of the body. They need to stay hydrated. Hydration is one of the most important things. If a person is feeling hunger pains they will be allowed to hydrate. Water can fill the body up. if a person is feeling some pain they can have a glass of water. This will help fill up the stomach and will allow a person to reduce their hunger.

Mental Strength

A person will need to have some mental strength to keep up with the fast. There are some things they can think about during the fasting period when times are getting tough. A person should look at why they are craving a specific food. They should look at the hold that has on them. They can then think about the hold religion has on their life and this will help set them free.

Fasting can be liberating. It can give a person some additional strength they did not know they had. They will know they are able to overcome their desires. If they can overcome the feeling of hunger they can do anything.

In the same aspect, a person should think of the food and the addiction to it. They need to think about why that food has a hold over them and what they can do to overcome this hold. If a person is thinking of something as an addiction they can ask the Lord for help to overcome it. This will increase their chances of success. They should also think about what Jesus had done for them. If Jesus was able to go through the pain and suffering a person should be able to fast during the time of Lent.

Fasting will help a person learn restraint and self-discipline. It will take a strong will to overcome the challenge of hunger during this time. A person needs to push past the challenge and know that they can do it. They need to work through any physical pain to receive the mental release.

There is more to fasting than just obtaining from food. Fasting will help a person learn to say no to temptation. They are fasting from sin. If a person can learn to resist the temptation of food even in a time of need they can learn to resist the temptation for other sins.

While fasting during Lent is not easy in modern times it is still a very important practice. Lent is one of the holiest times of the year and a person needs to remind themselves of the teaching of Jesus. Even during the hunger pains of lent a person needs to stay strong. Fasting during Lent has been practiced for thousands of years. A person needs to remember this and they will be able to make the sacrifice needed for successful fasting during the time of Lent.

Gene Botkin

Gene is the director of the Theosis Christian Project. He studied physics and military science before founding the Project. Gene is currently pursuing his doctorate in systems engineering at an engineering college in the Ozarks. The Theosis Christian Project is his attempt to expand Holy Orthodoxy in America.

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