Did Jesus Meditate? Does Prayer Count?

The New Testament does not show us Jesus meditating as we do today. In this era, people sit in a particular position and seclude themselves in a quiet place. When we dig deep into the Bible, we will see several instances in which Jesus secludes Himself from the crowd and goes to pray by Himself. Since the current understanding of meditation and the one happening in the Bible are slightly different, they seem to have some similarities. So we can say that Jesus used to meditate.

Jesus meditates, and the name for His meditation is prayer. Prayer is the Christian analog to meditation. The purpose of both is to clear the mind and focus on important things once devoid of distraction. The similarity between prayer and mediation does not mean that a Christian can be a Buddhist.

In different parts of the Bible, Jesus prays alone a lot, especially before making big decisions. Jesus knew His mission was beginning after His baptism. Therefore He would need His Father to guide Him more than ever. He went to the wilderness and fasted for forty days. Jesus focused only on His spiritual nourishment and the strength of God. Though He was not expecting the devil to tempt Him, He still did not fall for these temptations. In Mark, Jesus also did cast evil spirits out of people and healed the sick people brought to Him. He then went to pray in the morning at a secluded place.

Jesus prayed all night before He chose His disciples. He went to the mountain and prayed to God to make the right choice of apostles. Jesus carefully chose twelve of His disciples who helped Him in preaching the gospel. After feeding the five thousand men, He sent away the disciples to go onto the other side of Bethsaida and sent away the people. Christ then went to a mountain to pray after everyone had left. As Jesus was about to be crucified, He went to Gethsemane and pleaded to God to remove the suffering from the way, but He later got the strength to let the will of God come to pass.

What Does Jesus Say About Meditation?

Jesus does not explicitly talk about meditation. Reading the Bible, you will see the instances in which Jesus was alone praying and talking to God. This act by Jesus shows that He greatly supports meditation. Therefore, Christ wants people to follow in His steps and set aside time to spend and tell their troubles to God.

Praying alone gave Jesus the strength that He needed to handle whatever was in front of Him. So as a church, you will be able to have solutions to problems you are currently undergoing if you frequently have alone time with God.

When Jesus said the kingdom of God is within, He was referring to the meditative state. What if we reach within ourselves in a calm and quiet place? We will get to experience the goodness in the kingdom of God. Jesus also said that the kingdom of Heaven is like a hidden treasure; to have it, you have to dig it to remove the soil, the dust and the trash to have it. Jesus did not mean we have to dig to experience the goodness of God, but rather He showed that you should get rid of the negative energy in your body for God to be able to reside in you.

What Does the Bible Mean by Meditation?

When it comes to meditation in the Bible, it focuses on the word of God and what it reveals about Him. The Bible urges Christians to meditate on God and His word and not the earthly things that mislead us most of the time. The word of God, when well meditated on, will nourish your soul and help you have a better understanding of what God expects of you as a Christian.

When it comes to the book of Joshua, he has to meditate on the book of law day and night for him to be prosperous. Moving to the New Testament in the book of Philippians, you will get to see another piece of advice on meditation. It reads that you should only think of truth, honesty, justice, purity, love, good reports, and anything that has virtue and is praiseworthy.

Meditations, in most cases, can be messed up and misunderstood, but as a Christian, you are lucky because you have the Bible to guide you on what pleases the Lord. The Bible will help you understand that meditation is not about you but about familiarizing you with God. Going deeper while meditating will bring you closer to God, and He will be in you and available whenever you need Him.

Do Christians Meditate?

Christians meditate to understand God’s word and how to implement it in their daily lives. Continuously meditating on God’s word will enable you to remember His teachings and obey set laws. Meditating on God’s word will have you remembering what God expects of you and what to do not to disappoint Him.

Meditation requires you to set enough time and put effort into the meditation. You should take your time to ensure that you understand God and His ways. Meditating in a hurry or a noisy place might hinder you from reaching your goal. Christians can meditate on their prayers or even on the Bible. You can choose to meditate on one thing at a time.

Once you meditate on God and His Word, you will create more space for Him to transform your life and speak to you.
Most people know that you have to clear your mind completely to meditate, but that is not the case for Christian meditation. As a Christian, you have to study the scriptures, reflect on what they say and practice their teachings.

You can choose any passage in the Bible and carefully read it and after you complete the verse, think of that passage and the impact that it will have on your life. Meditating on the Bible will also have you create a picture of relating to what it says and understanding it quickly. Meditation will also remind you of Jesus, how he loves you and how worthy you are to be called the child of God.

Did Jesus Meditate in the Garden of Gethsemane?

Jesus, together with His disciples, went to the garden of Gethsemane to pray. A prayer is a form of meditation in which you speak to God and seek His guidance and strength. When they arrived, Jesus asked the disciples to pray not to fall into temptation, and He moved away from them and prayed alone.

Since He was about to undergo something heavy, He needed to pray alone for Him to have an undisrupted conversation with god. He asked God to remove His suffering and that He will still let His will come to pass. Seeing Jesus pray alone shows you that as you pray by yourself, you will get to tell God of your problems and what you are going through since nobody else is listening.

God sent an angel to Jesus to strengthen Him. The sending of an angel shows you that God will always look out for you when you pray to Him with the best intentions and if you have faith. Jesus kept on praying until His sweat turned into drops of blood on the ground. God saw how sincere Jesus was as He prayed, and He strengthened Him.

This time that Jesus had alone before the Judas betraying Him is an example of Him meditating. Since He knew what was coming was a challenging experience, He ran to God to help Him tackle it. The meditation gave Him the strength to know that this was God’s plan and that it had to happen. Sometimes, you might be facing a challenging situation. Running from it might not save you but praying to God to give you the strength you need may help you overcome all demanding problems.


In conclusion, we will say that Jesus used to meditate though there is a difference between the meditation in the Bible and modern meditation. Modern meditation requires you to get rid of the thoughts in your mind. In contrast, Biblical meditation requires you to familiarize yourself with different verses from the Bible and meditate on them. This kind of meditation will bring you closer to God and help you become a better Christian.

Seeing different scenarios in the Bible where Jesus was sitting alone and conversing with God, as a Christian, you are urged to follow in Christ’s footsteps and frequently set time aside to meditate. Christian meditation will grow your faith and strengthen our will to follow Christ. As a Christian, the more time you set aside to meditate, the more strength you will source from your meditation and have a greater understanding of God’s work and His intentions for humankind.

Frequent meditation will allow you to establish a channel of communication with God. This frequency in meditating will enable you quickly speak with God and tell Him of your troubles since you have already established a stable way of communicating. Meditation is also not something you need to do when undergoing a tricky situation, but you can also meditate even if nothing is troubling you. When it comes to meditation, there is a certain satisfaction and relaxation that comes with meditating.

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