Can You Be Gay and Christian?

Can a gay person be Christian?

A lot of people have come forth with varying answers to this question, and they have filled the internet with conflicting answers to it.

I am an Orthodox Christian myself, and I want to provide a clear answer to this question for those Orthodox Christians who may be wondering about this.

You can be gay and Christian. But marriage is between a man and a woman. Gay marriage is impermissible. A gay person should be a Christian and practice the virtue of chastity. All Christians are encouraged to practice chastity, and gay Christians are called to it.

A common mistake that people make when they consider the question is to equate homosexual attraction with homosexual acts.

This is a big mistake.

Homosexuals and God

There is only one god. He is the god of the good, the bad, the Christian, the Muslim, the atheist, the living, and the gay.

God has created man with the desire that man should become like Him. It is for this reason that he had sent his only son to reveal the way to us.

There is not one person who has ever been created so that he would be cast into the abyss. God desires that all people come to him.

This includes homosexuals.

Marriage and Homosexuality

God created men and women for one another. Men are not for men, and women are nto for women.

The punishments levied against Sodom and Gomorrah, as well as various condemnations of homosexuality throughout the rest of the Bible, are quite clear on this point.

To assert that homosexual marriage is permissible is a grievous heresy and perversion of one of the Mysteries which has been made evident by God.

If you encounter a priest who says that such a union is permissible, then that person is not a priest. He is a liar.

Catholic and Orthodox Christians who encounter a priest of this sort should report his teaching to their local diocese.

Why Does God Create Gay People?

God does not create gay people. God creates people, and people become gay later on.

This is because humans are malleable and have a certain amount of free will. They become gay either by choice or because of environmental influences.

It is not God’s will that they should be gay.

Can Gay Christians Date?

No. God’s prohibition of gay marriage extends to gay dating and other types of homosexual relations.

Gay dating is forbidden because the purpose of courtship is to lead to marriage, and gay marriage is forbidden. So gay dating is a fruitless act.

Homosexual intercourse is forbidden because it is a form of fornication.

Can Clergy Be Gay?

Yes. Gay people can be members of the clergy.

If you are gay and considering joining the Orthodox Church, then you should consider becoming a hieromonk. A hieromonk is a combination of a priest and a monk.

Do Gay People Go to Hell?

Nobody goes to Hell for their sexual preferences.

Now, if a gay person engages in homosexual acts and does not repent, then the likelihood that he will be in Hell will increase dramatically.

And gay thoughts increase this likelihood as well, although these can be confessed and forgiven too.

However, God will inevitably have the last word, and a certain gay person might find himself in heaven for strange reasons.

Even if he were to engage in homosexual activities without repentence.

Although this is unlikely, and God, being a perfect judge, cannot be bribed with good behavior.

And you should not pervert this message to mean that homosexual activity is somehow tolerable.

It is not possible that a gay person may engage in homosexual acts and then compensate for these sins with good behavior in other parts of his life.

What About Lesbians?

All rules which apply to male homosexuals apply to lesbians and bisexuals as well.

Some people believe that more than two genders exist and may ask questions regarding those.

The Orthodox do not validate the delusion which underlies these kinds of questions.

Men are men.
Women are women.

And some people have developmental defects which make categorization difficult; they still belong to one of the other two categories.

And What of Transgendered People?

If a man receives surgery to become a woman, then he is not a woman. He is instead a man with mutilated genitals and implants.

A similar thing is true for women who attempt to become men.

The church does not acknowledge sex transition.

What if an Intersexed Person Wants to Receive Corrective Surgery?

Intersexed people often have a clear gender which manifests itself in their secondary sexual characteristics.

These people may desire to receive corrective surgery to undo their intersexed state.

These surgeries are permissible, although they should not be received if they pose significant health hazards.

If an interexed person receives a surgery to correct their genitalia, then they have not “become” the correct gender. They are the same gender after as they were before.

Can Christians Support LGBTQ Rights?


The LGBTQ movement markets itself as a force which attempts to expand and protect the civil liberties of people with unorthodox sexual affiliations.

As with most marketing ploys, this is a lie, and the LGBTQ movement does not stand for what it pretends to stand for.

The purpose of the LGBTQ movements throughout the world is to drive the Western Governments closer to totalitarianism.

The proponents of these movements pretend certain groups of degenerates are endangered by their compatriots and that the only way to portect these people is to massively expand the power of the federal government.

While these movements are busy playing the victim card to obtain power, they generally need to find things to blame for the mistreatment that they pretend is happening.

And the thign they blame is Christianity. The members of the LGBTQ community say,

“Christianity is driving people to oppress us! The government needs to have more power in order to suppress it!”

So the LGBTQ community blames Christianity in its strategy to create totalitarian dictatorships.

“Well, I support gay rights, and I’m a Christian, so what about that?”

What rights are those?

Do you believe that gay people have the right to marry one another? If so, then you are either wrong and/or a heretic. God help you.

People who support the LGBTQ movement often pretend or exaggerate that gay people are being deprived of certain fundamental rights (life, liberty, and property).

They do this in order to justify their attempts to expand the power of the federal government.

They say, “Gay people are being killed for being gay. The government should have more power in order to stop it!”

These assertions are invalid.

Murder, theft, and assault are already illegal, and these are all serious sins in the Orthodox Church.

Can Homosexuality Be Cured?

People have attempted to cure it many times, and some have been successful, but the success rate for the various methods which have been employed is usually quite low.

It is usually the case that the people who are experiencing treatment for homosexuality are only doing so at the urging of others, and te fact that nthey are unwilling participants hinders the treatment’s effectiveness.

So… Yes, homosexuality can be cured, but only if the subject receives treatment of his own volition, and the success rate is low.

It is usually better to accept one’s homosexual urges and practice chastity than it is to try curing them.

“My son is gay. What should I do?”

Love your son because your son is your son.

Do not try to cure him.

Do not ask, “When did you choose to be gay?”

Don’t blame yourself.

Tell him that he should confess to a priest if he has engaged in any gay behaviors.

Study chastity and understand why it is a virtue.

After you understand chastity inside and out, begin teaching your son about the value of chastity.

Be subtle when you do this. If your teenage son believes that you want him to do something, then he’ll probably do the opposite just to spite you.

If your son is not yet a teenager, then don’t worry too much about what he says are his sexual preferences. He probably doesn’t know.

“Is there any secular reason why homosexuality is wrong?”


Gay people have their own subculture, and that subculture grows wherever homosexuality is acceptable.

The gay subculture is one which accepts and encourages pedophilic relationships.

The gay subsulture has always normalized pedophilia; the two seem to be inseparable.

Therefore, the choice to tolerate homosexual activity is also the choice to tolerate the pedophilia which inevitably follows it.

You cannot be pro-gay without being pro-pedophile.

Do you believe pedophilia is wrong?

Can you support that belief without the Bible?


Then you now have a secular reason for opposing homosexuality.

Gene Botkin

Gene is the director of the Theosis Christian Project. He studied physics and military science before founding the Project. Gene is currently pursuing his doctorate in systems engineering at an engineering college in the Ozarks. The Theosis Christian Project is his attempt to expand Holy Orthodoxy in America.

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