Our Mission

The Theosis Christian Project (TCP) is an Orthodox Christian ministry working to advance the causes of Apostolic Christianity.

What is meant by “Apostolic Christianity”

Apostolic Christianity is a general term used to refer to those Christian churches which can trace their lineage to the original apostles. The name for this is apostolic succession.

What are the Apostolic Churches?

Jesus was real, and He chose twelve apostles. One, Judas, killed himself. Two others replaced Judas. A few more are briefly mentioned in the New Testament.

These people were real, they founded physical churches, and they entrusted the leadership of those churches to men whose historicity is not in question. Those churches and their offshoots are the apostolic churches.

The primary groups of Apostolic Christians throughout the world are:

– Roman Catholics
– Eastern Orthodox
– Coptic Orthodox

Other factions exist, but they are few in number and low in membership.

Why Apostolicity Matters

Jesus founded His church in Matthew 16:18. He entrusted its leadership to a select group of followers whom He had chosen and clearly states this in John 15:16.

Apostolic churches are maintained by the successors of those whom Jesus named when he decided who should manage His church. These successors possess authority comparable to that of the apostles because the apostles deemed them worthy of leading the church and were correct in their assessment. If the apostles were not correct, then Jesus was mistaken in trusting the apostles to manage His church. Jesus is God. Therefore, He cannot be wrong, so the apostles chose their successors correctly, and the integrity of the church is thereby preserved. Jesus affirms this in Matthew 16:18.

So the Apostolic churches are those which derive their legitimacy from the unambiguous decisions of Christ.

Any church that lacks apostolicity derives its legitimacy from someone other than Jesus, that is, someone aside from God, and must possess less authority – if it even possesses authority at all.

Against All Protestants

Most problems that Apostolic Christianity faces can be traced to the misbehavior of the Protestant community. Protestants directly produce some, and they indirectly cause others.

Why Protestants Are Not Christians

Christianity is 2,000 years old.

Protestants did not exist until 500 years ago.

Therefore, Protestants are not Christians.

I could produce many more arguments aside from this, but all arguments would prove ineffective because ideologues cannot be reasoned with.

Current Plans

The TCP is young and needs to grow. Current growth plans include: (1) the expansion of the blog, (2) the construction of an email list, (3) the production of several books, (4) development fo social media accounts, and (5) the creation of tangential sites pertaining to niches relevant to the expansion of Christendom.

Blog Plans

The blog is a fishing line meant to draw people toward the TCP. At the moment, it covers an eclectic assortment of topics pertaining to Christianity and Christians. Later, it will become more specialized and fixate on philosophy, religion, politics, culture, and the associations between the two.